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EZ Tire Caps
Introducing EZ Read Tire Caps
Stainless Steel Tire Caps that Continuously
Monitor & Check Your Tire Pressure
How EZ Read Tire Caps Work

Simply select your vehicle PSI and we'll send the tire caps for your vehicle. The indicator on EZ Read Tire Caps alerts you to changes in your tire pressure. Don't know your PSI? No problem, watch this short video to learn how to locate your PSI.

Why Should Everyone Have EZ Tires?

Even if your vehicle comes installed with a tire pressure monitoring system, not all TPMS show which tire is low. With EZ Read Tire Caps, you can quickly see which tire needs more air.

Features & Benefits
  • Extends the life of tires

  • Improves traction & mileage

  • Easy to use

  • Replaces guages & dials

  • Fits all standard air valves

  • Helps prevent flats & blowouts

Installation & Warranty

RV DEALERS - AVAILABLE PSI RATINGS - 50, 65, 80, 100, 110

UK customers, click here for a retailer in your area


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